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Romantic Homes, January 2004
Romantic Rendezvous – The Women’s Christmas, Bid a fond farewell to the holidays on January 6th with an Irish tea party.

Romantic Homes, February 2004
Romantic Rendezvous – High Tea Society, Red Hat Tea Party

Romantic Homes, April 2004
Romantic Rendezvous - Astor Court Tea at the historic St. Regis Hotel.


Romantic Homes, June 2004
Romantic Rendezvous – Visiting The Windsor Rose Tea Room.

Great Escapes – Retreat to Romance and delight in the charms of Mount Dora, a perfectly preserved turn-of-the-century lakeside Florida village.

Romantic Homes, July 2004
Romantic Rendevous – Summer’s Iced Teas, Legend holds that the beverage was “invented” at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904.

Romantic Homes, August 2004
Teatime Florals- salute summer with an Old Country Roses tea party.


Romantic Homes, September 2004
If Teacups Could Talk- Embellished with lace this tearoom warmly welcomes local and international guests.

Romantic Homes, November 2004
Romantic Rendezvous – Tea at London’s Lanesborough Hotel

Romantic Homes, December 2004
Romantic Rendezvous – A Winter Solstice Tea at the landmark Thompson House Inn


Tea & Coffee Asia, March/April/May 2004
“Accessorize Your Tea Shop- private tastings, floral designs, broaden your assortment, appealing to the senses.”

Romantic Homes, November 2003
Tea Time Linens – Vintage tea cosies, towels and textiles rekindle the romance of gracious entertaining.

Romantic Homes, December 2003
Romantic Rendezvous – “Tis the Season for Tea, Life is a cup to be filled, not drained.”


Romantic Homes, May 2001
Romantic Rendezvous – East meets West, Taking Haiku Tea
"Tea exerts such a strong influence on Japanese culture that a popular expression describes a good person as one with a lot of ‘tea in him’ ..."

Romantic Homes July 2000
From your pen—Tea with Friends
"For me, tea was the original comfort food. No matter where in the world we found ourselves, one of my mother's first acts, in her new kitchen, was to take a battered tea kettle, travel mugs and tea bags out of our "open me first box" and brew the cup that cheers ..."

Romantic Country
Decorating Ideas Presents #37
Discover the world’s most popular china pattern-and rediscover the pleasures of a traditional afternoon tea.


Welcome Home - A house is just a house but a home has heart and soul. Discover the colorful customs and techniques used by cultures around the world to make a house a home-from Chinese feng shui to Native American rituals-and be inspired to create your own. Welcome Home offers readers advice for creating a home.
Elizabeth Knight shares room-by-room ideas and advice for making your own abode as welcoming, enjoyable, and comfortable as possible.


Idaho Press-Tribune, December 13, 1999
Toast the holidays- Try something unique this season-throw a tea party.

TeaTime Gazette, Winter 1999
My Tea Trail to Wales - "... Tucked in the castle's shadow was the real reason I'd come to Wales—Teapot World. The 'eccentric' collection of Paul Gibbs is located in a tower about as old as the castle and focuses on unusual novelty pots plus 'the interesting, bizarre, and amusing ones.'


TeaTime Gazette, Winter 1998
On the Tea Trail to York


Tea A Magazine, June/July 1997
Steeped in Tradition: Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Limited
"Many fine china teapots feature platinum or gold details around the lid and handles. Curved, intricate shapes are applied freehand by a gilder wielding a fine brush. The ware is fired and coated with the liquid precious metal and fired again. Those pieces that pass a rigorous inspection process are finally ready to grace our tea tables ..."


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