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Elizabeth delivers presentations to businesses, stores, clubs, schools, and other organizations. Program length is based on your requirements. Most presentations last between thirty to sixty minutes; a class or workshop lasts two to three hours. You may choose from Tea With Friends or Welcome Home topics, or Elizabeth will work with you to develop a custom program tailored to your audience.
To help us help you, we encourage you to send any written information—press releases, programs, newsletters, catalogs or brochures—about your organization and its goals.

Tea With Friends Topics

Tea Tastings
Ditch that soggy tea bag! Today's teas are gourmet beverages as complex and interesting as wine. Learn how to select, store and brew fine tea. This program includes a sampling of various loose leaf teas.

Taking Tea
English tea time traditions include at least six different ways—and times—to take tea, the beverage and the meal. Just what is the difference between high tea and an afternoon tea? What's on the menu? What should be eaten first? Does the milk go in first or last?

The Art of Tea
The story of tea is the story of civilization, society, art and manners. This program presents the flow from East to West, past to present.

Reading the Cup
This program presents folklore about how to "read" your fortune in the tea leaves. Popular anytime, this program is a natural for New Year's and Halloween when superstitions run high.

Collecting and Decorating with Tea Accoutrements
What is a tea cosy, tea caddy, caddy spoon, mote spoon, strainer, lemon fork? Where do they come from? Do they have a place on today’s tea table? Don't just dust your collection; learn how to use and display it.

Tea is unique in its ability to stimulate and soothe, relax and revive. The health benefits of tea have gotten a lot of press lately, but what kind is best for you? How much should you drink a day? Does adding milk or sugar negate the benefits of drinking tea?

Welcome Home Topics

Plenty and Grace Be To This Place—Housewarmings
One of humanity's oldest celebrations is a housewarming. Today, a housewarming is a joyful, symbolic action to acknowledge that you've left behind one home and begun another. Discover colorful customs from around the world. Learn how to create a personalized housewarming to help you settle in.

There's No Place Like Home
Some people seem to have a knack for creating a cozy and comfortable home. This program takes you room-by-room through the house—starting at the front door—and offers simple, heart-warming ideas to help you create a warm and welcoming environment whether you live in a cottage, castle or furnished flat.

Wardrobing Your Table
Parties should be memorable for guests and host alike. Learn practical and imaginative tips for creating a special event including how to choose a theme, create a centerpiece with things you already own, and mix and match china to set a table with personal style.

Home Run
Many people have started home-based cottage industries; others telecommute several days a week. But even if you're not interested in setting up a home-based business, you need an office now and then. This program will help you lighten the burden by creating a satisfying, functional spot tailored to your needs.

Home Away From Home—Temporary Quarters
Creature comforts we take for granted in our own home are even more important when we're away from home. Whether you're on the road, temporarily living in a furnished apartment, or hosting a guest, this program will help you make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Moving Out and Moving On
Moving is an exciting adventure as well as an opportunity for a fresh start. But every move, even across town, is a trip into the unknown. If you're about to be uprooted or have just been planted in a new place this program will help you bloom again.


Thank you so much for such a wonderful program. I have had a number of
calls this am telling me just how much they enjoyed your presentation and
the refreshments.
— K. Romaner
Haverstraw King's Daughters Public Library
Adult Services Librarian

National Telecommunications Cooperative Association Sept 13-16
Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers
New York, NY.

Thank you for a wonderful experience. We received such wonderful feed back.
I truly hope to do it again soon.

All the best, Danny
Danny Bergold
Production Manager | Empire Force Events

“The hotel’s association with you has been incredibly successful and we truly appreciate all your efforts and support on our behalf… The TV piece brought a lot of interest and bookings…You were great on air as usual.”
— T. Delaney, President, TESS Communications International Ltd., NYC

 “I watched her repeatedly educate and entertain the crowds of attendees. She was always on time, prepared and well received…worked with me to develop new topics…always went the extra mile to help me! Her work ethics are a breath of fresh air as well as her ability to get the job done.”
— Faith Bailes, former VP World Tea Expo, Las Vegas, NV

“I want to compliment you on how you weave storytelling into your presentation. Your tone, pace, and ability to paint pictures with your words made your presentation very engaging...the time seemed to fly by with interesting information woven into your stories.”
— P.E., Bank of America, MD

“Elizabeth's professionalism, expertise and warmth make working with her a pleasure. Our audiences respond very well to her and the events are always a great success.”
— R. Muggeridge, Director Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden, NYC

Elizabeth Knight continues to play a leading role in America's exciting tea renaissance.  Those of us in the tea industry are keenly aware of the contemporary face she puts on the traditional role of tea in society.  Elizabeth has a unique ability to convey the best of world tea cultures while she refreshes her audiences with an inspiring infusion of hospitality and grace.  
— B. Richardson, publisher, Benjamin Press

“Thank you so much for your delightful presentation. I appreciate so much your organization and professionalism as well—making the arrangements so stress free for me.”
— Hampstead American Women's Club, London, England

 “Elizabeth is a wonderfully charismatic speaker and our audience clearly enjoyed her talk and asked many questions.”
— J. Schwartz, Community Relations Manager, Barnes & Nobles Bookseller, Lincoln Center, NYC

 “…outstanding job with your presentation… informative, entertaining, and educational…wonderful comments from those attending…appreciate that you chose to come, on your own, with your fractured foot…not so sure anyone else would…fulfill the commitment.”
— P. Dumas, Les Arts de la Table, Ft. Wayne, IN

“The evaluations were terrific! Please come back again.”
— C. Guber, M.S. Director of Food Programs, New York University Dept. of Nutrition and Food Studies, NYC

“… presented two highly successful and most enjoyable programs…event drew over fifty people and delighted our customers…Ms. Knight is a pleasure to work with and offers creative, entertaining and authorative programs. I am looking forward to having her back…”
— J. Reighard, Community Relations Coordinator, Barnes & Noble, Union Square, NYC

“Thank you for delighting our guests. It was a pleasure having you as our host for this special event.”
— Marshall Fields Department Stores

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