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Your Cup of Serenity. America's Publisher of Tea Books

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fine teas and gifts

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Offers high quality white tea online as well as articles and resources about white tea benefits.

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Where tea and history collide.

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hand blended teas and herbal infusions.

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Herbs and spices, teas and tisanes, tea cosies, and tea related accessories.

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Publishers of Tea With Friends

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one stop shopping for the tea lover

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fine blended and scented teas

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Pearl Dexter is the editor and publisher of TEA A MAGAZINE®, now in its twelfth year of publication. It is dedicated to a worldwide audience, informing, ...

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the online tea discussion group

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Focus Information Services, ex-pat resource center for all nationalities living in UK

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Teas Company - Taste with a British accent

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Belamari Tea Room, come in, sit down and “enjoy life sip by sip”

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Spirit of the Lotus Tea House - Rare Loose, Whole-leaf & Artisan Teas, "Red Teas," Chai, Mate, Herbal Tisanes, Teapots, Teacups & Accessories.

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Over the Teacup is a charming pink Victorian cottage nestled under a shade tree. Here time is measured by a leisurely cup of tea, that is served in a tranquil serene atmosphere.

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Importer and wholesale distributor of specialty foods and giftware from Ireland.

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A quiet respite from the stress filled world we live in today created by best friends for 20 years.

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They carry the areas largest selection of loose and packaged Irish and British Teas.

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Importers, Blenders & Purveyors of the World's Finest Teas and Tea Accessories.

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The Tea House Times - a Victorian Afternoon Tea Publication, subscribe today.

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